Girls’ Generation – Lion Heart Review

Girls Generation Lion Heart Cover

Release Date: August 18/19, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Lion Heart
  2. You Think
  3. PARTY
  4. One Afternoon
  5. Show Girls
  6. Fire Alarm
  7. Talk Talk
  8. Green Light
  9. Paradise
  10. Check
  11. Sign
  12. Premonition (Bump It)


Lion Heart is the 5th Korean album release from Girls’ Generation. It was released in 2 parts with the first half of the album coming out on August 18th and the second half following on August 19th. The lead singles from this album were Lion Heart and You Think.

Lion Heart is Girls’ Generation first full-length Korean release of 2015, arriving two years after their last album I Got A Boy and year after their mini-album Mr. Mr. It is also the first album without main vocalist Jessica Jung who either left the group in 2014 to pursue individual activities or was ousted due to internal strife that involved her outside activities. Whatever way you look at it, she’s not a part of the group anymore.

So has that hindered this group’s musical output at all? Judging by this album it’s business as usual with Lion Heart. It features many slick Pop productions that include touches of Dance and R&B. Losing Jessica’s vocals may be jarring to long-time fans or listeners, but the rest of the group make up for her absence admirably.

How this was released was interesting as it did force one to actually listen to the album in a more complete manner than if it put out there with all 12 tracks in one shot. You had no choice but to listen to the first six tracks while waiting for the second half to be released. There is a generous amount of fresh material to absorb when combined.

That’s always a nice bonus considering most albums are just a collection of singles you most likely already own. So besides the singles (Lion Heart, You Think and PARTY) what else is worthy of your attention?

Start with the Clazziquai-like One Afternoon. This song is a refreshing departure from the typical Girls’ Generation mid-tempo fare. Then move on to the R&B flavored Talk Talk for more of the smooth kind of material.

If you want something with a faster pace then Show Girls and its shifting tempo changes should fit the bill. It’s similar to I Got A Boy, but the result is much more pleasing than that hot mess. The other track worth mention is Green Light. Sadly it’s not a cover of the John Legend song featuring Andre 3000, but it’s still a catchy piece of piece of dance pop that this group is known to excel at.

Lion Heart overall has a strong and consistent flow from beginning to end and that makes for a very entertaining listen. Whether it meets your K-Pop cravings or is satisfactory after the departure of Jessica is up to you to decide. Regardless, what you get on this album is the quality one would expect of a Girls’ Generation project and another example of why they are in the upper echelon of K-Pop groups.

Lion Heart


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