A look at Mnet’s upcoming Queendom 2

The next season of Mnet’s music competition show Queendom will begin airing on March 31 and its roster consists of:

Queendom 2 Run The World - Brave Girls

Queendom 2 Run The World - VIVIZ

Queendom 2 Run The World - LOONA

Queendom 2 Run The World - Kep1er

Queendom 2 Run The World - Hyolyn

Queendom is a special show to me as it was my introduction to (G)I-DLE, Oh My Girl and Lovelyz. Groups who I had missed out on during my hiatus away from the world of K-Pop.

Unlike Queendom 1, I know who all the participants are for this season, so I have higher anticipation going in. The previous edition of Queendom had some incredible stages and fun intergroup bonding, and I’m hoping for more of the same this season.

I believe Hyolyn will do much better than Park Bom as the only soloist in the show. So she should not be coming in or around dead last nor begging for votes. But voters are fickle, so I could be wrong about this assumption. At the very minimum, her performances will be excellent.

The thing I’m most looking forward to is the possible pairings for the cover song round. There are many exciting outcomes to think of that could be mind-blowing, like LOONA and WJSN covering each other’s version of Butterfly, for example.

Well, maybe it won’t be mind-blowing for everyone. I will feel bad for anyone who gets stuck with Kep1er. Their discography is not exactly what anyone would call vast. Even if the original songs from Girls Planet 999 are included as part of their discography.

The worst-case scenario would be Kep1er and Hyolyn covering each other’s songs. However, I’m confident that if Snake is included as a song on the show, Hyolyn would kill it easily.

Unfortunately, the same cannot be said for Kep1er, who will have access to a different style of songs from Hyolyn and possibly Sistar. Since Kep1er is primarily a group of youngins, seeing them perform more mature/sexy songs would look incredibly awkward.

I’m just thinking out loud here, going on the assumption that the show’s format will remain the same as previous seasons. But, of course, the show structure could be changed with a very new group like Kep1er in the competition to make things fairer. Who knows?

Of course, the real highlight will be to see the competitors create their stages and hopefully etch some memorable moments in viewers’ minds. I’m not sure who will have an Oh My Girl breakout series of performances, but I am leaning towards the larger groups in the competition coming up with some crazy shit. Again, I could be very wrong about that assumption.

I’m not sure if I will cover this show as in-depth as I did for Queendom 1 and Girls Planet 999. It’s incredibly time-consuming to do it. So instead, I’ll think about how to do it concisely to keep it from feeling like a weekly task rather than something fun.

Bring on March 31.


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