aespa – MY WORLD Review

aespa MY WORLD Cover

Release Date: May 7, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Welcome to MY World (feat. naevis)
  2. Spicy
  3. Salty & Sweet
  4. Thirsty
  5. I’m Unhappy
  6. ‘Til We Meet Again


After concluding a two-year battle with Black Mamba, aespa has returned with their third EP titled MY WORLD. It features the digital single Welcome To MY World and the title track Spicy.

MY WORLD is unlike aespa’s previous EPs, Savage and Girls, which are heavily steeped in the group’s lore and have a sound that leans more towards alt-pop at times.

What you get on MY WORLD is an aespa who is mostly free of the constraints of continuing a storyline. I say mostly since it looks like Welcome To MY World is the start of the next chapter of aespa’s mythology. Whatever that may be.

Welcome to MY World itself has a cinematic, otherworldly feel. It’s a slow burner that builds to a dramatic grand finale in its second half.

The title track Spicy isn’t as theatrical but is equally impactful. This funky dance-pop song has the members extolling the virtues and how they are too hot to handle. 

Looking at the remaining tracks on MY WORLD, you have aespa sticking to concept songs closer to the likes of Spicy rather than something that fits within developing a new story.

All of these tracks were performed during their 2023 SYNK: Hyper Line concerts, so if you were lucky enough to attend or watch on the Beyond Live stream, you have some familiarity with them.

The ones that made the biggest impression on me are Thirsty and ‘Til We Meet Again.

For Thirsty, it’s in the style of R&B that I like, and its preview video was the one I put on repeat the most when the batch of album teasers was released.

‘Til We Meet Again is a sweet ballad that is a great album closer. After what they did with the cover of Forever, it was nice to hear the group dip their toes in the waters of slow jams again.

For those used to being immersed in the whole aespa metaverse thing, MY WORLD will probably be a shock to the system since it sounds a lot like a more conventional K-Pop album and only has a few abstract things to latch on to and make conspiracy theories about regarding where their story is heading next.

I like the break away from their norm. However, I believe that not EVERY SONG has to be tied to some established long-term story arc. See their contribution to the Tetris Motion Picture soundtrack (Hold On Tight) or the more ear-friendly moments on Girls as examples.

Sometimes it’s better to put something out into the World to feed fans’ insatiable appetites. So with that in mind, There’s a free-spirited feeling to MY WORLD that makes it refreshing and enjoyable.

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