KCON JAPAN 2023: DAY 1 Highlights

Courtesy of CJ ENM

‘KCON JAPAN 2023′, the world’s No.1 K-culture festival, wrapped up its first day at Makuhari Messe, bringing global K-pop fans’ favourite teams on stage and showcasing brand new convention programming.

Courtesy of CJ ENM

DAY 1 was filled with exclusive collaboration stages. One was the ‘Special Collaboration’ stage of female artists performing KCON’s signature song ‘POPPIA’ to open up the day, presented by solo artists YENA, HIKARU and YEONGEUN from Kep1er, RIO, MAYA, and RIMA from NiziU, and ISA, Seeun, and Yoon from STAYC.

Courtesy of CJ ENM
Courtesy of CJ ENM

Another was ‘DREAM STAGE,’ where fans could audition to perform on stage with their favourite artist, and for today STAYC performed ‘Poppy (Korean ver.)’ with their fans.

Courtesy of CJ ENM

Also, each night of KCON JAPAN 2023 is hosted by a pair of one Korean member and one Japanese member, and DAY 1 was hosted by HYUNJAE from THE BOYZ and AYAKA from NiziU.

KCON JAPAN 2023 will continue through May 14th with more events and performances.

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