AK-69 – The Throne Review


Release Date: March 25, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Prologue – The Man They Call Rain Man –
  2. The Throne
  3. ロッカールーム -Go Hard or Go Home-
  4. Oh Lord feat. Fabolous – REMIX –
  5. Buzzin’
  6. Too Much Money Out Here (produced by DJ Khaled)
  8. NGY
  9. Samurai Diesel
  10. A Hundred Bottles
  11. Give Me Just One Night feat. MIHIRO ~ マイロ ~
  12. Don’t Open the Curtains
  13. Don’t Say Goodbye feat. Matt Cab
  14. #IDWT – In Dreams We Trust – feat. AK69 & PUSHIM – REMIX / DJ RYOW
  15. ICU
  16. Warriors


AK-69 is a Japanese Hip-Hop artist from Komaki, Aichi. His rapping stage name is AK-69 but he is also known under the name Kalassy Nikoff when he performs as a singer. Unlike some of his contemporaries, he remains an independent artist and is not signed to a major label.

With that said, what you are going to find on The Throne will not be what most mainstream listeners would consider Hip-Hop these days. There are only a few collaborations and light forays into urban crossover territory. In other words not much interference from suits looking to make a quick buck by capitalizing on the latest fads in the genre.

Now that might detract those who are not accustomed to less radio-friendly and not as easily disposable Hip-Hop. That is not to say that there isn’t something for you peeps who are into that side of the genre.

A string of songs at the end of the album (Give Me Just One Night, Open The Curtains, Say Goodbye and #IWDT – In Dreams We Trust) is easily the most accessible song on the album. Say Goodbye, in particular, is quite the piece of work.  It isn’t all about dropping heat for the streets; these songs bring a sense of balance to The Throne.

The rest of the tracks are going to have varying mileage depending on what you are in the mood for. The majority of them are reminiscent of New York-style Hip-Hop so if that is your preferred sound you won’t be too alienated from AK-69’S brand of music other than perhaps the language barrier.

For quick hits, go directly to Oh Lord feat. Fabolous, #BOSSLIFE, Samurai Diesel and Warriors and then decide if those have kept your interest enough to give this album a go. If they do, and you are a jaded fan of Hip-Hop wishing for the glory days of yore, this may restore some of your lost faith that quality is still out there.

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