[Alexandros] – Exist! Review

[Alexandros] Exist

Release Date: November 9, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Moon Song
  2. Kaiju
  3. Girl A
  4. Claw
  5. O2
  6. Feel like
  7. Aoyama
  8. Nawe, Nawe
  9. Buzz Off!
  10. Kusottarena Kisamarae
  11. Swan
  12. I want u to love me
  13. Ima Made Kimi ga nai Tabun Torimodosou
  14. NEW WALL


[Alexandros] is a Japanese rock band formed in 2007. In a past life this quartet was also known as [Champagne] until they were forced to change their name in 2014 to comply with a request from Bureau du Champagne, Japan.

Their membership consists of vocalist/guitarist Kawakami Youhei, bassist Isobe Hiroyuki, guitarist Shirai Masaki and drummer Shomura Satoyasu. To date they have released six albums with Exist! being their sixth and most recent release.

The sound of [Alexandros] can be best be described as one that takes elements from American and European alternative and hard rock and adding a Japanese indie twist. That may be a rather roundabout description of their music but it is the best way I could find to describe them.

Anyway, the first half of Exist! contains some rather radio friendly-ish types of tracks such as Moon Song, Kaiju and Aoyama. There is also the edgier electronica flavored Girl A that also stands out as well.

When you get into the second half of the album that you get more of the raw indie rock sound with songs like Buzz Off!, Kusottarena Kisamarae and I want u to love me.

Before this album [Alexandros] waa a band that I did not have much exposure to. I just thought they had a weird looking name. It wasn’t until their single Feel Like that I became truly intrested in them. That single lead me to this album and I’m glad it did.

Granted this type of music may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but there is enough on here to make people who would otherwise ignore bands such as this to take notice. Otherwise, if you are one who enjoys indie/alt. rock then you’ll be very pleased with this album.

In the end I believe Exist! is a solid effort from front to back and is well worth investing your time in.

Exist! (Regular Edition)


Exist! (Limited Edition A)


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