PassCode – MISS UNLIMITED Review


Release Date: October 26, 2016

Track Listing

  2. TRACE (Limited Edition)
  3. Cry Out (Regular Edition)


PassCode is an Osaka-based 4-member idol group formed in 2013. Their sound is a blend of rock, pop and EDM, and the unique signature of their songs is the incorporation of the heavy metal-like shout and scream.

MISS UNLIMITED is their first major label single. (fourth overall) The first notes of the a-side sounded like an 8-bit inspired dance song, but then the rock elements and screaming kicked in. Having had no exposure to PassCode before this single, my first impression was that they were in the same ballpark as Death Rabbits or LADYBABY.

After repeated listens to this entire single, I can say that musically they are fairly close to the other artists I mentioned above. The difference with PassCode seems to be that their songs feel more like a polished finished product rather than a “this is good enough” rough type of production. As I continued the endless loop of the three songs in question, I also got a bit of a Girugamesh vibe, as crazy as that sounds.

The songs presented here are a non-stop assault of full-throttle auto-tuned idol rock electronica. For those unfamiliar with the group, such as me, these tracks hammer down the point of what this group is about. They are not the typical cutesy idol pop that makes you think of rainbows, unicorns and eternal sunshine. This is something with more of an edge to it.

With all that in mind, it’s safe to say that PassCode will not appeal to everyone’s idol sensibilities. Especially with the guttural screaming being a charm point for their music. But suppose you’re okay with the screaming. In that case, are looking for an alternative to conventional idol groups or are just looking for something a little fresher to add to your music library PassCode might be a group you should consider giving a chance.


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