Gunjou no Sekai – Aozora Moment Review

In their second physical release – and the first to be distributed nationally – four member unit Gunjou no Sekai paint a world of blue skies with their single Aozora Moment, an upbeat idol release that is perfect for Spring. […]


Dreamcatcher’s Dystopia: The Tree of Language Review

Dreamcatcher explore their nightmarish world even further in Dystopia: The Tree of Language, their first feature length studio album. With an abundance of new songs the group is sure to pull you into their dark dreamworld and have you longing for more. […]


NECRONOMIDOL – scions of the blasted heath Review

NECRONOMIDOL drop their first release of the year with scions of the blasted heath, a 5 song EP that will capture the attention of and intrigue fans both old and new alike. This is the first release the current lineup, which changed back in January 2019. […]

London Blue

An Introduction To: LONDON BLUE

Who are You? It’s LONDON BLUE! An introduction to the rock-pop idol group who are inspired by the UK in both sound and fashion! The first post in a new series on Selective Hearing. […]


HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018 Interview – LONDON BLUE

LONDON BLUE made their dream stage debut in London, England at HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018. Selective Hearing had the chance to sit down with the group after their first performance to discuss their 5th anniversary, their major debut single, and the members’ thoughts on the group and being in London. […]