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Back in April of 2019, 2&’s (DOUBLE AND) own Chitose Saki made her way back to the UK for a second round of performances after her previous stint in June of 2018 where she acted as a supporting act for NECRONOMIDOL. This time however, Saki stood centre stage as the headliner act and performed alongside fellow underground idols GARUDA and 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san.

Since speaking with Saki back in 2018, 2& has undergone a few small yet significant changes, including the recent change of her moniker from Saki to her full name, Chitose Saki, as well as the announcement that 2& has been signed under the label REDMusic. She has also been learning English since her first stint in the UK.

Now, more than a year after our first interview with talented and greatly adored Chika (underground) solo idol, Selective Hearing have reached out to talk with Saki once more about the April 2019 UK tour, 2&’s latest album released for the UK tour, and a little more.

All answers were written in English by Saki, with help from her English teacher. Thank you Saki for your time, and for answering everything in English!

Thank you once again for being a part of this interview. I was really happy to see you perform once again, and you gave a great live performance in April for everyone. It feels as if you leveled up since your last visit in 2018.

K: In April 2019, you returned to the UK as the headline act for a three day tour. How did you feel when you found out this would be happening?

S: I was surprised I could return to the UK so soon! I was excited to perform overseas again! I’m happy I could be (a) headliner for the first time.

K: You came to England for the first time in 2018 with NECRONOMIDOL. How was this tour compared to before?

S: This time I could tour with other independent idols. It was really fun to share the experience together.

K: Many fans traveled from abroad to watch everyone perform. Not only from the UK, but people came from Japan, Europe and even America to watch the live shows. Were you surprised by how many fans from abroad came to participate in your live performance?

S: I was very surprised there were fans from many countries! I want to visit many countries.

For this UK tour, both GARUDA and 14th Generation Toilet Hanako-san also joined you. Have you performed with them prior to the Indie, Idol & Infamous Tour, and how was it sharing the same UK stage as them?

S: I sometimes perform with GARUDA and Hanako-san in Japan. It’s the first time to tour together. We could talk a lot and go sightseeing together. It was a lot of fun!

You also came during Easter! What a rare opportunity. Did you learn anything about Easter during your time in the UK?

S: The weather was really sunny! I learned chocolate eggs are popular for Easter!

What is the most memorable part of your trip?

S: I went sightseeing for a full day. I could speak English more smoothly this time. I’m glad I’ve been studying English!

You also released a new, limited album for the UK tour. I have already listened to it a lot!

S: Thank you for listening to the album! I would like to continue to release new music overseas. Please look forward to it!

What is your favourite song?

S: Chipoke Hero and Dasai Falsetto are two of my favorite songs! I’m happy I could record Dasai Falsetto for this album.

Do you have any album songs that you want the fans to hear most?

S: Machigai Darake and Chipoke Hero are a lot of fun to perform with fans!

You also joined a new music label recently. Can you tell us more about it?

S: REDMusic who also do VDC Magazine will help me produce new music, but I will continue to manage my own activities independently. I’m looking forward to exiting new things!

Before you go, please tell us your favorite English phrase that you learned during your stay here.

S: I learned how to say “I’m full!”! There’s still so many things to learn! I’ll do my best!

Finally, please leave a message for your overseas fans.

S: Thank you for all your support. I hope I can continue to perform overseas. Please come see me in Japan!

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