PINK CRES. – Etcetera Review

PINK CRES Etcetera

Release Date: June 27, 2018

Track Listing

  1. P I N K
  2. Etcetera
  3. Love Tag
  4. Route Sixteen
  5. Sapuri
  6. Bukiyou na Jibun
  8. Sing to the sky
  9. true love
  10. Sweet Girl’s Night


Etcetera is the second indies album from UP-FRONT CREATE group PINK CRES. and it features the singles Sweet Girl’s Night, the title track Etcetera and Clumsy Me.

The follow up to PINK CRES.’s debut album crescendo arrives at just over a year since its release. During the time between albums they have been busy collaborating with the fashion brand gonoturn and performing at various Hello! Project concerts along with making international appearances in Malaysia and the Philippines. Now that they have returned with new music can they continue with the momentum built by their debut?

If you go by the first song released from Etcetera (2017’s Sweet Girl’s Night) then the answer is not so clear. Even though it is a catchy Christmas themed song it is not the best representation of what is on this album. You are best served to look elsewhere on the album to get a better idea of what PINK CRES. are currently offering. This time around the group are showcasing more of their pure pop side with songs such as Love Tag, Route Sixteen, Sapuri and true love.

They also continue to branch out into atypical sounds for an UP-FRONT group. Etcetera sounds like it belongs somewhere in Itano Tomomi’s catalog. Or maybe it could be something for a mid-level K-Pop girl group if you want to stretch that far. Sing to the sky has a summer song feel to it and can be comparable to something like a sugared up mid-tempo Spicy Chocolate type of production.

As a whole Etcetera is a rather strong follow up album from PINK CRES. Their overall sound seems to have a clearer focus, making for a more consistent listening experience compared to their debut. Definitely check them out if you have not done so already.

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