Beverly – 24 Review

Release Date: June 20, 2018

Track Listing

  1. Power of love
  2. All I Want
  3. Love Therapy
  4. Baby Don’t Cry
  5. Jump!
  6. Fly in the sky
  7. Hurting Me
  8. Future
  9. My Boy
  10. I’m Ready
  11. A New Day
  12. Tomorrow
  13. Be The One “Let’s start experiment!!” MIX


24 is the second studio album from AVEX soloist Beverly. It features the Sogaki Beauty Tea 2018 Campaign Song LOVE THERAPY and the theme song for the TV Tokyo Drama Headhunter Baby Don’t Cry.

AVEX’s vocal powerhouse Beverly has been busy since her debut album was released in May of 2017. She opened for Ariana Grande during her Dangerous Woman Tour in Makuhari Messe in August of 2017, and performed at the ASEAN 50th Anniversary dinner in her homeland of the Philippines in November of 2017. She was also selected as one of the artists for the YouTube Music Sessions project.

Most recently her song A New Day was chosen as the theme for the Fuji TV drama Kuragehime. In addition there are seven other songs on this album that have been used as campaign songs or television show theme songs:

  1. Power Of Love – Ending theme for the Fuji TV drama Mr. Sunday
  2. All I Want – Apanman CM Song
  3. Future – ASEAN 50th Anniversary song
  4. JUMP! – Vito CM song
  5. Fly in the sky – Tokyo Yakult Swallows official dance team ‘Passion’ opening performance music/LIBERLA CM song
  6. I’m Ready – Clearasil CM Song
  7. Tomorrow – Kamogawa Sea World 2018 Sumer theme song

With the additional exposure Beverly’s profile is clearly on the rise. Does 24 capitalize on her upward momentum or does it fall into the dreaded sophomore album that fails to live up to expectations?

Well much like her first album 24 plays to Beverly’s greatest strength, her voice. The 13 tracks on this album are definitely deliberately designed to complement her vocal dexterity. If you are one who is concerned about hearing endless chest thumping vocal gymnastics or not being able to hear notes because you are not a dog; be assured there is none of that here.

Beverly tastefully lets out her diva at appropriate times without going off the rails like similar singers who have her skill set.

There are many highlights on 24 that cater those who have tastes in ballads, straight up pop songs and R&B crossovers. Of the higher tempo songs the ones that stand out the most are All I Want, Fly in the sky, and the PANDORA collaboration track Be The One. For the slower songs give Baby don’t cry, My Boy and A New Day a spin.

Overall 24 is a more cohesive effort compared to her debut. That was enjoyable but was a little disjointed when listening to it from beginning to end. There is a better flow from track to track on 24 that makes it a much smoother listening experience.

If you have not invested time in Beverly’s music this album would make a great introduction to her. Should you already be a fan of hers then you will certainly not be disappointed in her sophomore effort.


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