HYPER JAPAN Festival 2018 Interview – Tokyo FLAVOR

Tokyo FLAVOR July 14th, 2018, London, United Kingdom

Tokyo FLAVOR are only a small part of a bigger brand, SUPER FLAVOR, a project which creates idols who perform all around Japan in smaller, province-based units. Originally formed in late 2014, the project started out as ‘flavor group’, but has branched out considerably since then.

Made up of three members – Nina, Shiraishi Mayumi and Hoshi Yurika – Tokyo FLAVOR are based in Japan’s capital where they perform regularly. in May this year, the group released their first major single titled Alice, and they have since been performing their songs not only on a Tokyo stage, but at conventions in Thailand, France, the United Kingdom and – more recently – Canada. So far, the group have met international success with their cute look and easy idol J-pop tracks.

This year Tokyo FLAVOR continued their travels from Paris, France to join the HYPER JAPAN lineup in London, delivering two sparkling and cute performances on the Friday and Saturday to fans and new listeners alike. With their cute costumes and upbeat sound, the members were quick to entertain the crowd and even engaged with everyone afterwards during the meet and greet event, which was also met with moderate success and resulted in many a cheki being purchased.

After their first performance and a successful meet and greet, Selective Hearing had the opportunity to sit down with Tokyo FLAVOR to talk about their look, performance style and any particular destination they would like to visit in the near future.

(Interviewer’s note: Some time after the interview took place, the audio file was lost. The interview was later conducted via e-mail, which is the version you see here. The interviewer apologises for their incompetence.)


N: Nina

M: Shiraishi Mayumi

Y: Hoshi Yurika

We are here at HYPER JAPAN today, a London convention that celebrates all things Japanese. Whether it is cosplay, sake-tasting, purchasing Japanese goods or idol lives that intrigue you, there will be something here for everyone to discover and enjoy. For me it is all about the wonderful host of idols appearing today, and right now I am standing / sitting with TOKYO FLAVOR, a trio of girls who are a small part of a bigger project, SUPER FLAVOR!

– First of all, welcome to England! How does it feel to be a part of HYPER JAPAN?

N: I am really looking forward to seeing the British fans! I would like to try my utmost best on stage!

Y: It was my first time participating at HYPER JAPAN and I was so thrilled, thinking “I wonder what kind of people I will meet?”.

M: I am nervous because I will be performing live in England for the first time!

– For those who don’t know you yet, please can you tell us about your music and performance style?

N: We are a singing and dancing, YURUFUWA* Japanese ido unit with a cute theme.

Y: Tokyo FLAVOR’s songs are cute, and there are many songs that can be enjoyed.

M: Tokyo FLAVOR deliver a song and dance to share the cuteness of Japan.

*(Yurufuwa essentially translates to ‘soft and fluffy’, and is a term used for hair)

– Since January this year, you have already performed in Thailand, Taiwan, France and now the UK, which is an amazing achievement! What have these opportunities meant to you as a group?

N: I’m very happy because it’s usually not that easy to do lives abroad!

Y: It is really rare for me to go abroad, so I am glad. I keep thinking “I wish I could deliver a smile to many people” on these rare occasions.

M: Thank you very much. I was surprised because it was something I had never thought of before!! I think that this opportunity rarely happens, so I think that I will do my best to avoid losing out on any opportunities.

– Is there any other country you would like to perform in one day?

N: I would like to go to America!

Y: I would like to go to Belgium, etc.

M: A country that does not have idol culture and does not know about idols!

– By the way, you all look really cute today! But I want to ask if there is a unique quality about TOKYO FLAVOR that you want everyone to look out for during your live?

N: I want to convey a ‘cute’ style of atmosphere.

Y: We are characterized by our “cuteness”, including our songs, choreography and costumes.

M: I would like everyone to pay attention to each members personality and their different personality points!

– Your major debut single [ALICE] was released in May this year. Can you tell me a little more about the single and its message?

N: Because it is a song with the theme of “Alice” (in Wonderland), I want you to pay attention to the dance.

Y: Alice is a fairy tale motif from “Alice in Wonderland”, and there is a story in the lyrics of our song. Since the song character pretends to be Alice in the motif, please look out for it in the live as well as on the CD!

M:This song is based on a fairy tale, “Alice in Wonderland”, and it becomes much cuter song when it is multiplied with love! The dance in the live performance is very notable, too, especially when the members dance as Alice and the rabbits!

– Is there a style of music you would like to tackle in the future to create a more diverse flavour of sound for your fans?

N: I haven’t thought of it before, but I’d like to change the performance style and entertain my fans.

Y: I would like to perform more of our own performances in English.

M: Unusual songs that have never existed!

– In regards to the future of TOKYO FLAVOR, please can you tell me about your goals and dreams.

N: Because we are becoming more well known nationwide, I want people to know our songs.

Y: I would like to do my best to make sure that Tokyo FLAVOR are more familiar to others so that they can support us.

M: The dream is that everyone will know about Tokyo FLAVOR, and that even idols seem to be energetic just by seeing Tokyo FLAVOR!!

– Before you leave England and HYPER JAPAN, is there something you would like to experience here?

N: I would like to go sight-seeing in England for the first time.

Y: I have not been sightseeing yet, so I would like to go on a sightseeing tour of the city in London, and more.

M: I want to do even more lives in the UK!!

– Finally, to all your fans and those who have just discovered you, please share a few words and express everything you feel!

N: I am still lacking in my abilities, but I would be happy if you came to know a little bit about us and thought well of the group.

Y: Everyone, thank you for all your support. I think the fans have Tokyo FLAVOR after all. From here on we will work hard so please continue to support us.

M: Everyone, it’s so nice to meet you! Hello to those who know me, Tokyo FLAVOR’s Shiraishi Mayumi! 🙂 ☺ Tokyo FLAVOR from now own will grow even bigger and I will return again, so please wait! Thank you for your support!!

– Thank you so much for speaking with me Nina, Yurika and Mayumi! Please enjoy the rest of your time here at HYPER JAPAN. Goodbye and take care!


FLAVOR Official Twitter: https://twitter.com/flavor_official
FLAVOR Official Blog: https://ameblo.jp/flavor-official/

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