BoA – Kiss My Lips Review

Kiss My Lips

Released May 12, 2015

Track Listing

  1. Kiss My Lips
  2. Who Are You feat. Gaeko of Dynamic Duo
  3. Smash
  4. Shattered
  5. Fox
  6. Double Jack feat. Eddy Kim
  7. Home
  8. Clockwork
  9. Love and Hate
  10. Green Light
  11. Hello
  12. Blah


Three years after releasing Only One, BoA comes back to Korea with Kiss My Lips. This also doubles as the celebration of 15 years since her debut. It becomes apparent after looking at the credits for this album. BoA is involved in the production and arrangement of the music here. She has all the lyric credits (sans Gaeko’s feature) and has either full or co-production credits on the songs as well. As compared to her debut album ID; Peace B where she expectantly had no say on the music production-wise. More than what the actual music sounds like, the willingness of SM Entertainment to give BoA as much freedom as they did to make this album says a lot of how they view her. She along with Dong Bang Shin Ki helped usher SM into the new millennium when things were down for them with the disbandment of their previous acts. While BoA isn’t the workhorse for SM as she once was, to have this album created in the fashion it was means SM not only trusts her to complete a project, but it’s also a thank you for all the work she has done.

Sentimental value aside, how’s the music? Solid all-around. The album sounds like someone who is just making music just to make music. It sounds like she had fun recording. Take for example the title track Kiss My Lips. An electropop production with some hip-hop-esque drum and snare patterns couple with BoA’s voice creates a song that makes this song into the song all pop songs strive to become: infectious.

Don’t sleep on non-single tracks, either. Shattered deserves a mention here. In the same vein as Kiss My Lips, but sounding more spaced-out and futuristic. Some other highlights are her more upbeat and happier sounding songs like Fox or Green Light.

Unfortunately, there are some duds on the album. The ballads here don’t showcase BoA as well as the electropop or the R&B songs do. Love and Hate does a bit better than Hello in having BoA shine, but both pale in comparison to everything else and became the skippable songs on the album.

Kiss My Lips in a lot of ways sounds like the album she’s always wanted to make. 15 years distilled into 12 tracks. For someone who has been criticized as being a “manufactured star,” she’s certainly come out the other side more of an artist than anyone probably thought she would be. Good for her.

Kiss My Lips

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