Suki to Iwasetai is IZ*ONE’s debut Japanese single. Will they be able to duplicate the success they experienced in Korea or get lost in the shuffle of female pop groups in Japan?

Statues is the first full-length album from Korean American rapper Junoflo and it features the singles Autopilot (feat. BoA) and 식구 (La Familia).

Selective Hearing's resident WIZ*ONE, Allen, is curious about Kihno devices and has a chance to play with one with the release of IZ*ONE's debut mini album, COLOR*IZ. What are his thoughts after getting his hands on his first Kihno kit? Let's find out.

TROUBLE is the sixth mini-album (seventh overall) released by Ayumi Hamasaki. It features the digital single We are the QUEENS which was used as the theme song for the smart phone game CLASH OF QUEENS.

World’s End is the second major label album (and fourth overall) from idol rap group Lyrical School. It is also their first album since the the graduation of original group members ayaka, mei and ami in February of 2017.