Kurayami is the debut single release from STU48. It comes in eight versions. Seven CD+DVD editions and a CD-only Theater Edition.

Celebrating their first anniversary, Dreamcatcher entertain fans with their digital release, 'Full Moon'. Dynamic and beautiful, this track will create some mesmerising nightmares for all who listen. Are you ready to fall under Dreamcatcher's spell?

juice is the third studio album release from Little Glee Monster. It features their 2017 singles Dakara, Hitori Janai, Ashita e and a remake of their 2015 single Suki da.

Series 1 is the second album from idol rap group Rhymeberry. Arriving two years after their self-titled debut it features three singles. 2015’s Mirrorball, 2016’s Bring It On Down and 2017’s Tokyo Chewing Gum.

READY TO KISS bring their 3rd single after a two-year wait. With their return to the music scene in their self-titled single, READY TO KISS aim to please listeners with some cute pop-rock music, but is it worth the listen?

LOVE YOUR LIFE/Parallel Synchronicity is the third digital single release from ShuuKaren. It is a double a-side with both songs having tie-ins to commercials and television programs. LOVE YOUR LIFE was used as the theme song for KOSE FAISO and Parallel Synchronicity was used as the theme song for the B LEAGUE CHAMPIONSHIP 2016-17.