– ‘Aidoro C’ Review


Release Date: March 2, 2016

Track Listing

  1. サプリミナル・ダイエット
  2. 骨抜きに恋して
  3. 腰掛けラップ
  4. PH4
  5. GODcustomer
  6. 等身大グレー
  7. ベルサッサ
  8. 自撮—る


Following their last mini-album – their first since managing to nab a major label – decided not to release a full album but return with a second mini-album.

At first, I questioned exactly why this was. Why not go with a full album track listing? Especially given how strong DIStopping and OLest were, it seemed like the duo was the real deal in music production, and people eagerly awaited another full album release from the group.

However, now that I’ve given this release a good run-through, it seems less like an independent release and more like the second part of OLest – in a very, very good way. Whereas OLest made the most of the group’s hip hop and EDM forte, with the group pushing the envelope as much as they could, this release noticeably scales that influence back with a shiny pop gloss thickly applied over every track, with one major noticeable exception (Koshikake Rap, with Toshindai Grey being on the cusp between ultra pop-gloss and hardcore raps).

This seems deliberate. Given the toned-down and increased singsong-like vocal delivery, the way the promotional material has been shot and delivered, and even the title of the album, this release was made to showcase a more pop-like That isn’t to imply that they’ve lost their bite – the lyrics are just as sharp and on point as ever, with Itsuka pulling absolutely no punches. From songs about diets to how all female entertainers are treated much like idols, the lyrics are just as powerful as any song we’ve come to expect.

Overall, the third release continues’s streak of fantastic releases, with each song showcasing yet another facet of the duo that seems to deliver with each new release. Links:

TOP – トピック/メインイメージ/Movieエリア

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