PURPLE KISS – memeM Review

PURPLE KISS memeM Album Cover

Release Date: March 29, 2022

Track Listing

  1. Intro: Illusion
  2. memeM
  3. 날 좀 봐 (Oh My Gosh)
  4. Pretty Psycho
  5. 좋아
  6. Hate me, Hurt me, Love Me
  7. 빈틈 (Cursor)


With Purple Kiss’ fourth mini-album on its way soon, it’s probably a good time to look at their third mini-album that came out earlier this year.

memeM is the first release of 2022 for Purple Kiss. Coming in hot off their fall 2021 mini-album HIDE & SEEK and the surprisingly good Christmas song My My, I eagerly looked forward to what they had coming next.

The title track memeM has Purple Kiss going the girl crush route in both image and sound. When I think of this song, I can only really think of BLACKPINK songs as an easy comparison. Or if you want something more current, think of some of the zoomer music that groups like NMIXX and Billlie have been putting out as a-sides.

If you like that style of girl group music, then memeM will be the perfect addition to your library. However, if you don’t like that kind of music, I direct you to the next song instead.

The other track promoted from this album, Pretty Psycho, on the other hand, is more like the standard dance-pop fare that you would expect from a K-Pop group. So if you like to gravitate toward a more regular song structure and funky dance music sound, this will probably suit your tastes more than the a-side.

Of the remaining tracks, the one that is the most attention-grabbing is Oh My Gosh. This song has the vibe of early 2000s American R&B. It’s a great throwback for those old enough to remember those days. For the youngins who K-Pop caters to now: This is what American R&B sounded like when your parents listened to it at your age.

Anyway, the other track that piques interest is JOAH. This song has Purple Kiss slowing things down over a smooth, guitar-driven instrumental. Its laid-back groove is very appealing.

After listening to the entire album, it looks like RBW has a bit of a hidden gem in Chaein. The songs she has a hand in are pretty good. Hopefully, she continues to get more opportunities to develop her skills as a lyricist and composer.

Overall there’s not much to say about this album. Much like their previous albums and singles, there’s nothing negative to mention. Purple Kiss is incredibly consistent with their music, and memeM only continues their streak of excellent releases.

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