RHYMEBERRY – Winter Jam Review

Rhymeberry Winter Jam Cover

Release Date: February 12, 2014

Track Listing

  1. Winter Jam (ウインタージャム)
  2. R.O.D. (2013 Live Tape @ www)
  3. Winter Jam (ウインタージャム) (Instrumental)


RHYMEBERRY’s 3rd single is a tribute to Schadaraparr’s song Summer Jam ’95. (サマージャム’95)

This song brings to mind the late Guru’s series of Jazzmatazz albums that fused Hip-Hop and Jazz recordings. It feels odd to even write that about an idol group, but Hip-Hop heads that are not sold on this group might have their interest piqued by that reference.

Yes, this group is more than cute girls trying to spit rhymes, and this track shows how much they have improved since their debut single, Hey! Brother 2 years ago. I don’t think they could have tackled a beat like this back then.

But now, there is certainly a more consistent flow to their verses that makes them sound much more like a solid unit of MCs. This is further reinforced by the live version of their 2nd single, R.O.D., being included as the b-side.

This isn’t the exact performance included in the single, but it’s close enough.

Winter Jam certainly is a change in direction from some of their previous material and whether this becomes an irregular part of their repertoire is still to be determined. This is only their 3rd single, after all.

But it’s nice to know there’s some potential for something other than party jams or half idol/half Hip-Pop tracks.

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