Chung Ha – QUERENCIA Review


Release Date: February 15, 2021

Track Listing

  2. Bicycle
  3. Masquerade
  4. Flying on Faith
  5. Luce Sicut Stellae
  7. Stay Tonight
  8. Dream of You
  9. Bother Me
  10. Chill
  12. Play feat. C HANGMO
  13. Demente feat. Guaynaa
  14. Lemon feat. Colde
  15. BYULHARANG (16504 + 170607)
  17. All Night Long
  18. Everybody Has
  19. Come N Goes
  20. Querencia (Epilogue)


QUERENCIA is Chung Ha’s first full-length studio album, and it features the lead singles, X and Bicycle. Also included on this album are the previously released singles Stay Tonight, Play, Everybody Has and Dream of You.

The album’s title refers to a metaphysical concept in Spanish where one goes to a place to be their authentic self. Following that concept, the album’s tracks are categorized under four themes: Noble, Savage, Unknown and Pleasures.

At first look, 21 songs look like a lot to take in. It also appears to be rather ambitious for a first studio album since this could be a lot of filler and no killer. The simplest way to take in this album is to imagine each side is like its own EP.

Each side of QUERENCIA has a unique vibe unto itself, so it’s easier for picky listeners to gravitate towards what interests them most. Side A contains a series of urban pop crossovers. Sides B and C increase the tempo and introduce a group of high-energy songs. The last track of side C and all side D slows down the album’s pace, bringing it to a relaxing conclusion.

After listening to QUERENCIA in total, it feels more like an American album than a typical K-Pop one. I got a lot of current Ariana Grande-like vibes when listening to it. Given that Ariana’s recent albums have been fantastic, that comparison should instill some confidence that Chung Ha’s album is equally as good.

The only drawback I can see with QUERENCIA is that it might have a little too much content to take in. Those with low attention spans may not be able to make it through the album in one sitting.

Those who can take the time to absorb the entire album will find that Chung Ha is a versatile artist capable of successfully taking on numerous music genres with ease.

Recommended Songs: Masquerade, Luce Sicut Stellae, Stay Tonight, Dream of You, Bother Me, Lemon,

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