Dreamcatcher – Dystopia: Lose Myself Review

Dreamcatcher Dystopia Lose Myself

Release Date: August 17, 2020

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. BOCA
  3. Break The Wall
  4. Can’t Get You Out Of My Mind
  5. Dear
  6. BOCA (Instrumental)


Dreamcatcher makes their return to K-Pop a scant five months after their first full-length album, Dystopia: The Tree of Language. This time they have unleashed a 6-track EP that is a continuation of the Dystopia theme called Dystopia: Lose Myself.

Unlike their earlier 2020 release, Dystopia: Lose Myself doesn’t delve too far into the atmospheric, rock-influenced music as one would expect.

The opening introduction sets the mood for the lead song BOCA. It’s a heavy, guitar-driven track about the power one’s words can hold over another. On the other hand, Break The Wall is more of a positive, anthemic song wrapped up in another rocking package. The song encourages the listener to break free of whatever problems bind them and strive for something better in life.

The first half of the album represents what makes Dreamcatcher so unique among the many K-pop girl groups and is what will make people gravitate towards this EP. Most can probably stop after these songs and be satisfied with getting their fix. If you fall into that camp, then there’s no reason to continue reading.

If you are a curious soul, then the album’s remainder takes the group into more traditional K-pop idol music. Can’t Get You Out of My Mind is a mid-tempo EDM pop song, and Dear ends the album on a slower note, being the only balled present on the EP. These tend to follow a simple love song template lyrically, so there’s not any particular message or motivating feature for either song in that respect.

Whether one or both works for you will depend if you are open to a “softer” side of Dreamcatcher or not. Both of these songs have their charms that should appeal to most K-pop listener’s ears. If you liked In The Frozen, Yoake or Paradise from Dystopia: The Tree of Language, you should have no issues with the songs at the end of this EP.

When it comes to thinking about this EP as a whole, it can probably be thought of as a stop-gap. It’s enough to keep Dreamcatcher’s momentum going and keep their fans’ appetites fresh for whenever their next serving is coming.

Much like their album from earlier this year, this is something you should give a few repeated listens.


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