fromis_9 – Feel Good (SECRET CODE) Remix

fromis9 My Little Society Cover

Release Date: Sept 16, 2020
Key: Bb Minor
BPM: 125

fromis_9 has spent much of the past year making content for their YouTube channel, so when they returned with a new song and EP, it was a pleasant surprise. Their song Feel Good (SECRET CODE) is a slight deviation from their brand of pop. It is a throwback track taking influence from both disco and funk music.

The original version is a great song and lays a solid foundation for various types of remixes. That made it relatively easy for me to start putting my spin on Feel Good (SECRET CODE).

Instead of replicating the retro sound, I tried to take the song in a new direction by creating a different feel for the rhythm section and spicing things up using organic-sounding instruments and samples for the melodic parts. The final result is something that brings another type of energy to the song.

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