Dreamcatcher – Dystopia: Road to Utopia Review

Dreamcatcher Dystopia Road to Utopia

Release Date: Jan 30, 2021

Track Listing

  1. Intro
  2. Odd Eye
  3. Wind Blows
  4. Poison Love
  5. 4 Memory
  6. New Days
  7. Odd Eye (Inst.)


The third instalment of Dreamcatcher’s Dystopia series arrived in early 2021 with its concept connecting to the story of Boca (From Dystopia: Lose Myself) in some manner.

The lead single Odd Eye is about chasing an ideal reality and coming to grips with the fact that it’s all a lie. It’s much like their other a-sides from their Dystopia albums, taking influences from Rock, Hip-Hop and Dance music and fusing them all into an attractive package.

Wind Blows is the other promotional song from this EP. While it doesn’t hit as hard as Odd Eye, it’s thematically closer to BOCA. So that makes the song a more logical follow up to the story BOCA was telling.

Poison Love sits on the line between a high energy K-Pop dance tune and a familiar Dreamcatcher style song. It also begins a series of pieces that express the feeling of longing for love that makes up the latter half of Dystopia: Road to Utopia.

The final two songs have a different feeling from the songs that precede them. This quality makes them similar to the last songs on Dystopia: Lose Myself. Both songs have their charms but eventually, end up not being as memorable once the EP is over.

After listening to this EP, I don’t hear a lot of difference from Dystopia: Lose Myself. Much of it is the same as before, only with a fresher coat of musical paint. It’s still a great listen that will satisfy both new and long-time listers of Dreamcatcher.

So it’s worth giving it a quick run through to see if anything past the a-side catches your ear outside of the two promotional songs.

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