PURPLE KISS – Can We Talk Again (Selective Hearing Remix)


Release Date: February 3, 2021
Key: F Minor
BPM: 80

Can We Talk Again is the second pre-debut single from RBW Entertainment’s latest girl group PURPLE KISS. It’s a low-key R&B slow jam about heartbreak and regret.

The original version of this song has a very minimal production type that allows the emotional vocals to shine through. I also wanted to focus on the vocals, so I did my best to add my flavour to the song without changing its mood.

I beefed up the instrumentation just a tad to give the song a groove. During the chorus, I added some light plucks to accent the beat. Other than that, I didn’t mess with the song that much. There was no need to change it up without adversely affecting the feelings it conveys.

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