Dreamcatcher – Full Moon Review

Release Date: January 12th, 2018

Track Listing

  1. Full Moon
  2. Full Moon (Instrumental)


Dreamcatcher are back to celebrate their first anniversary with yet another beautiful nightmare in the form of Full Moon, a digital release that holds a compelling, energetic sound reminiscent of the groups debut track, Chase Me. With a surge of power and gorgeous vocals to accompany this fun instrumental, Full Moon will be a hit with the groups most devoted fans fans, as well as their casual listeners.

Upbeat and entertaining, Full Moon is a perfect representation of Dreamcatcher’s sound that they have developed since their debut last year. At times it can be terrifying, especially with its rising instrumental and a bridge that echoes the style of a music box lullaby, but it is always passionate and distinct. This song, regardless of what it borrows from its predecessor’s, captures a style that fits Dreamcatcher perfectly.

The instrumental is absolutely delightful, with each sound creating a textured track that is enjoyable from beginning to end. From the raindrop sound effect to the crackling effect layered over a whispered dialogue, Full Moon creates anticipation and delivers power, and it never falls flat, despite being such a short song. With a run-time of only 3:10, one would expect Full Moon to lose some impact, but it keeps its pace and intensity, and Dreamcatcher only become more impressive as the song moves on.

Finally, the music video preview – released on the same day that the single dropped – is alluring and dark, and follows a similar pattern to the groups previous music video releases. It looks stunning, and despite not featuring the members of Dreamcatcher themselves in the short preview, the depiction of a child dabbling in the dark arts is almost as chilling as Dreamcatcher themselves ghosting hallways and messing with a man’s mind. The aesthetic is to be expected of Dreamcatcher, of course, but that does not make it any less beautiful.

Full Moon may seem short, but it’s a lot of fun. Whether you are a fan of Dreamcatcher or not, this is a great track to get into your head, and completely worth its 3:10 runtime. Give it a go, and if you’re not convinced by this group already, let’s just hope this song is the song to turn you over to the dark side. Enjoy~

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