Kep1er – Fly-By Review

Kep1er Fly-By Cover

Release Date: March 15, 2023

Track Listing

  1. I Do! Do You?
  2. tOgether fOrever
  3. We Fresh (Japanese Ver.)
  4. MVSK (Japanese Ver.)
  5. Wa Da Da (Japanese Ver.) [IMLAY Remix]


In January 2023, Kep1er teased their second Japanese single, Fly-By. The title track I Do! Do You? was released a month later.

I Do! Do You? is a funky dance-pop piece with a more focused energy than the typical Kep1er song. A restrained Kep1er a-side is a bit weird to hear at first, but once you give the song a few spins, the infectious groove should have you moving along to it in no time.

On March 15, 2023, the whole single was released, adding a new Japanese song, tOgether fOrever, two Japanese language versions of We Fresh and MVSK and the IMLAY remix of the Japanese version of Wa Da Da.

Of course, the track of most interest is the other original Japanese song tOgether fOrever. It falls more in line with the fast-paced style of music one expects from Kep1er. It has a slick production style yet is less frenetic than Kep1er’s Korean songs. So it seems restraint is the idea for the two Japanese songs on this single.

The remainder of Fly-By contains songs Kep1er fans have heard before but in Japanese. The only completely different rendition is WA DA DA, which gets the remix treatment by IMLAY.

I’m not fond of IMLAY’s musical direction for remixes, so I’m probably the last person to ask to form an objective opinion on the WA DA DA remix. All I can say is that if you like hard-hitting EDM-based club music, then this track will be something you will want to dedicate some time to.

I wasn’t expecting much when I listened to the pre-release previews of Fly-By. However, after hearing the two new Japanese songs in their entirety, my first impression was incorrect. I Do! Do You? and tOgether fOrever are pretty good songs that help build the foundation for their Japanese discography.

For the Kep1er completionists out there, this will be an instant pick-up. However, if you are a little warier of the quality of K-Pop artists’ Japanese songs, be assured that Fly-By is a safe bet.

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