Dreamcatcher – [Reason] Review

Dreamcatcher Reason Cover

Release Date: January 13, 2023

  1. Reason
  2. Reason (Instrumental)


[Reason] is Dreamcatcher’s third special digital single and is a release to celebrate the group’s sixth anniversary.

The song remains true to the old-school hard-rocking Dreamcatcher sound, so there are no weird surprises like the group going off in some unknown musical direction for shits and giggles.

The lyrics are a love letter/thank you to Insomnia (Dreamcatcher fans) for standing by their side through thick and thin. The accompanying music video for the song vigorously enforces that idea. The fan appreciation might be laid too thick for some, but I didn’t find it overwhelming or distracting.

This song sounds perfectly built for a live performance environment based on how it is structured. Those post-chorus chants would be very over with a rabid live crowd.

Reason is an excellent call back to the sound that made Dreamcatcher popular and is appropriate for an anniversary song. Whether they are going back to this style of music is unknown. But if not, this was an enjoyable short rewind in time.

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