Event Report: KCON Los Angeles 2022


I woke up at 4:00 AM to make a 6:30 AM flight to Vancouver. I thought that was enough time to get through security and lounge it up a little. I was very wrong.

The drive to the airport was scary as my ride took a wrong turn and started driving on the wrong side of the road. Thank God there was zero traffic, or I probably would not be alive to write this.

After getting back on track, I made it to the airport alive and in time to self-check my bag and line up for security. Sadly I got put in line with a family with small children, so the priority line got nullified quickly.

Add in the travellers who hold up the line by gathering their stuff as the trays come out of the x-ray machine, and you have a clusterfuck. But, people, there are tables behind you to repack your stuff. Use them.

Immediately out of security, I was straight to boarding my plane to Vancouver. The flight was uneventful. I got an early breakfast and watched part of The Batman for the hour and a half before the flight lasted.

After landing in Vancouver, I made the trek across YVR to get to US customs. It was a long line, but it moved at a brisk pace. Only once I got past could I adequately lounge peacefully while waiting for my gate to open. Sadly I could only rest for 30 minutes before heading to my gate.

Like in Calgary, I boarded right away after arriving. It looked like it was going to be a smooth trip until the captain announced that we were waiting for more passengers. So it was about an hour’s delay before we could take off.

After 3 hours, I finally landed in Los Angeles and caught a Lyft to my hotel. My driver was crazy, weaving in and out of traffic on the freeway. Suffice it to say I got to my hotel fast. My check-in was smooth until I tried to get into my room. Unfortunately, the lock on the door would not detect my key card.

I got a second keycard, and it was the same thing. On the third attempt, I got a different room, and I was finally able to get in a room and drop my bags off.

By then, I had an hour before early registration ended. So I walked to the LACC in time to get my convention wristband. But unfortunately, I couldn’t get my press badge and would have to wait until day one.


The rest of my day was spent wandering around downtown Los Angeles and taking in some eats.

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