EVERGLOW – Last Melody Review

EVERGLOW Last Melody Digital Cover

Release Date: May 25, 2021

Track Listing

  1. FIRST
  2. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell
  3. Please Please


In May of 2021, EVERGLOW released the trailers and concept photos for their third single Last Melody, which contained short audio snippets of the lead single FIRST.

What EVERGLOW’s trailers were trying to convey was somewhat cryptic as the imagery was unlike anything they had done in the past. It wasn’t until the video for FIRST was released that the visuals started to make sense.

The first thing that came to my mind when watching the video for FIRST is that they are space witches. I was sad that they were not riding bicycles through an asteroid field like Momoiro Clover Z, but I am sure that I am in the minority about that.

Anyway, the effects-laden video matches perfectly with the aggressive sound of FIRST. True to the tradition of previous EVERGLOW A-sides, FIRST is a rush down of musical heat that drills its way into your eardrums.

Underneath the dark tone of the music and imagery is a message of hope and strength in the lyrics. That might be missed by those who are strictly paying attention to eye candy or the hot beats.

The B-sides are much less up in your grill and are very chill in comparison. Don’t Ask Don’t Tell is a callback to the retro sound of La Di Da. It is a nice slice of pop-funk that fits the group quite nicely.

Please Please is the only ballad present on the Last Melody single, and it’s probably the prettiest ballad that EVERGLOW has done so far. I found this song to be the stronger of the two B-sides personally. However, you can’t go wrong with either one depending on your mood.

The only downside with Last Melody is that it does not bring anything new to the table for EVERGLOW, which is perfectly fine for the time being. They have an established sound and feel to their music at this point in their career, and they are pretty damn good at working with whatever music is handed to them.

There is tremendous upside to a group like EVERGLOW, and they most likely have shown only a fraction of their capabilities so far. With that in mind think of Last Melody not only as a very enjoyable listen but also another step towards reaching their potential.

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