EVERGLOW – Reminiscence Review


Release Date: February 3, 2020

Track Listing

  2. DUN DUN
  4. NO LIE


EVERGLOW return with their first release of 2020 in the form of the EP Reminiscence. This 4-track album is driven by the lead single DUN DUN. It follows the pattern set by their two 2019 singles where the lead song hits you upside the head (or in this case kicks you in the nether regions) to grab your attention.

DUN DUN can be considered the group’s strongest single to date combining best qualities from both Bon Bon Chocolate and Adios. What you get from this is a fairly aggressive song with lyrics that describe a lioness stalking and capturing her prey to satisfy her thirst. PLAYER is the song closest to DUN DUN in regards to feel and lyrical content. It’s just not as overt.

The two remaining songs are more pop friendly in sound. These are probably for those who don’t like being sonically slapped in the ears repeatedly. You can either go with a girl power anthem (SALUTE) or remembering love lost. (NO LIE) Both are very good and what will resonate with you will be based on personal preference.

Taking all of EVERGLOW’s material into account it is apparent that they are best at delivering powerful sounding material. Reminiscence takes advantage of that fact fully as there isn’t really anything in the lower BPM range for the group to bite into. The only “soft” song is most likely the final one on the album DON’T LIE. That is attributed more to the vocals than the instrumentation.

The only downside I can see with Reminiscense is that it may not satisfy those who want EVERGLOW to try material such as Moon or D+1 more often. That would be nice but it does match the direction this group is heading in at this time. Despite the lack of variety it is still a very satisfying 13 minutes of pop music.


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