Rocket Punch – Red Punch Review

Rocket Punch RED PUNCH CD Cover

Release Date: February 10, 2020

Track Listing

  3. So Solo
  4. Fireworks
  5. Paper Star
  6. Lilac
  7. Girl Friend


After a successful run with their 2019 debut EP Pink Punch Rocket Punch have come back with their first release of 2020 titled Red Punch.

Their lead song BOUNCY immediately tells the listener that the group is going in a different direction for their second time out. The high tempo song does its best to get into your head as soon as the first note drops. Unlike their debut single last year this has no chill and is pretty much a party track all the way.

So Solo, Fireworks and Girl Friend are not as intense as BOUNCY  but follow the same musical template favouring EDM and Pop infused dance music. The two out of that batch that stand out the most are the funky So Solo and the energetic Girl Friend. Both are quality follow ups to BOUNCY if you are going to playing this album in random order.

Paper Star and Lilac slow things down considerably taking Rocket Punch into ballad land. These songs are similar to Lucid Dream from Pink Punch. Both are very nice but their placement makes the flow of the album feel a little disjointed.

After listening to RED PUNCH in full I believe it can be thought of as the complete opposite of Pink Punch. Rather than going with R&B/Pop crossovers again an edgier side of the group (other than the ballads) was put on display instead. This versatility should serve Rocket Punch well in the future.

How you take this album will depend on what you expected from Rocket Punch when their come back was announced back in January. Did you want more of the same or were you hoping for something fresh? If it was the latter you will not be disappointed.

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