EXILE ATSUSHI – Beautiful Gorgeous Love/First Liners Review


Release Date: July 6, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Beautiful Gorgeous Love
  2. Ito
  3. Future Break Out (w/ Red Diamond Dogs)
  4. First Liners (w/ Red Diamond Dogs)
  5. Beautiful Gorgeous Love (Instrumental)
  6. Ito (Instrumental)
  7. First Liners (Instrumental)


Beautiful Gorgeous Love is the theme song for EXILE ATSUSHI’s first dome tour titled “IT’S SHOW TIME”. This is the type of song you would expect to hear in a smoke-filled Jazz lounge, meaning it’s not the typical LDH/EXILE type of song, and there’s no hammering you over the head with Hip-Pop and Electronica. Instead, it’s all smooth sailing for this outing, and it should be satisfying for those who prefer this throwback style.

Also contained in this single package is a cover of Miyuki Nakajima’s Ito. ATSUSHI’s version remains faithful to the feel of the original version with the addition of current adult contemporary production to bring some modern freshness to this early 90’s song.

The other songs introduce ATSUSHI’s band Red Diamond Dogs. Future Break Out is a short instrumental track that gives you an idea of their sound. In this case, a blend of Rock and Funk.

That transitions to First Liners, which is somewhat similar to a Kanye West production, except done with a live band. How that translates to you will be subjective; perhaps watching the video might help judge whether this song appeals to you.

Overall this single is probably not going to blow anyone away. However, it is another solid effort from one of the more recognizable voices in current Japanese R&B/Pop. So if you are an EXILE fan, this is probably an immediate must-buy. If that isn’t you, perhaps just download the first song on this single and call it a day.

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