Fairies – Crossroad Review

Fairies Crossroad

Release Date: August 10, 2016

Track Listing

  1. Crossroad
  2. Mafuyu no Cosmos
  3. Crossroad (Instrumental)
  4. Mafuyu no Cosmos (Instrumental)


Crossroad is the 13th single released by Fairies and it marks a new chapter for the group. One where they are entering the transition from girls to young women. Their image has been updated to show a more mature side of the group. Sound wise they are still somewhat stunted in growth. There are traces of E-girls like dance pop which is step up from their previous single release Mr. Platonic. Yet, there is still also a little bit of that “idol cool” type of feeling that has been a mainstay of their uptempo songs up to this single.

The b-side on this single is a ballad called Mafuyu no Cosmos. Fairies aren’t known for their sweeping ballads but they are able to hold their own when it comes to slowing it down. And this track continues that trend of pleasantness.

In a way Fairies are similar to Tokyo Girls Style in regards to aging gracefully as idols and retaining what made them appealing in their youth. That may sound strange considering the average of the members is 18. But in a young girls game, getting into your 20’s as an idol makes you an old lady.

So with songs like Crossroad perhaps Fairies will evolve in a similar manner to their label mates in order to gain some career longevity as they get older. We’ll have to wait to see how this new chapter pans out to see if that is true. Based on this single it seems they have at least started on the right path.

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