FAKY – Unwrapped Review

FAKY Unwrapped

Release Date: June 14, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Keep Out
  2. Candy
  3. Are You OK?
  4. Surrender
  5. Bad Things
  6. Someday We’ll Know

Bonus Tracks(CD only)

  1. Keep Out (Remute Club Mix)
  2. Candy (Yamata Remix)


Unwrapped is the major label debut mini-album from the revamped 4-member version of FAKY. It contains their previously released singles Candy and Surrender and the album cut Are You OK? which appeared on their 2016 digital only EP CANDY.

FAKY’s official debut is an album that is a mix of the familiar and the new. The fresh material consists of Keep Out, Bad Things and Someday We’ll Know. All are great examples of the signature sound that FAKY has crafted after their return from hiatus in 2015.

In one way FAKY are similar to their label mates such as the various E-girls units in that they release catchy dance pop songs. However, FAKY’s music has a club oriented edge that takes cues from EDM and House Music that helps them stand out. You could easily mistake their music for American or European if you did not know this group was a Japanese pop act.

This blending of sounds make their songs immediate attention grabbers. You don’t really have to wait too long for anything to kick into high gear here. The only downside is that there is not a lot of other new material to take in outside of the 3 tracks mentioned above. With that in mind Unwrapped is a little difficult to make a final verdict on given that half the songs are already a year old.

It is a solid entry into FAKY’s discography despite the one shortcoming. Taken as a whole Unwrapped gives a taste of what might be coming down the line in the future. Hopefully that will be something in the form of a full-length album with mostly new material.

Unwrapped (CD Only)

Unwrapped (CD + DVD)

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