That’s My Jam: Ill Al Skratch – I’ll Take Her

That’s My Jam is a weekly feature where one person from the Selective Hearing staff goes to wax poetic about music that is pivotal to their musical tastes. Whether that would be an album, a song, or anything in-between. We all had to start somewhere. This week: Ill Al Skratch’s I’ll Take Her

Ill Al Skratch Creep Wit Me

Track Listing

Side A

  1. I’ll Take Her (Radio Version)
  2. I’ll Take Her (Extended Version)
  3. I’ll Take Her (Brian’s Flow)

Side B

  1. Brooklyn Uptown Connection(Club Version)
  2. Brooklyn Uptown Connection (Instrumental)
  3. Brooklyn Uptown Connection (Acapella)


Continuing with last week’s theme of love jams I decided to dig into the way back machine and came up with Ill Al Skratch’s 1994 single I’ll Take Her featuring Brian McKnight. Taken from their debut album Creep Wit Me, this is probably their most famous song or in the minds of some, their greatest hit since they didn’t really achieve much commercial success afterwards.

And as an aside, you know this is pretty damn old when I’m listing sides in the track listing. Ain’t nothing these days come with “sides” in the modern age of digital distribution unless you’re still one who collects vinyl.

Anyway, this is something of a hidden gem amongst 90’s Hip-Hop/R&B crossovers that most heads probably forgot about in the shuffle of goodness back in the day. I don’t even know if anyone else I know even recalls this track.

Regardless of whether you remember it or not, it is one hell of a smooth track that was a bit of rarity for Hip-Hop artists out of the east coast at the time. There’s that perfect blend of street and soul thanks to the silky smooth vocals of a young Brian McKnight.

If you listen carefully there’s some clever wordplay and an actual continuous narrative going on as the two MC’s trade verses. Sure it boils down to some exaggerated bragging but at least it’s delivered in a manner that’s not totally dumbed down.

Of course the original vinyl and cd singles of this are out of print and are probably collecting dust in some 30-something’s basement. But thanks to iTunes you can grab the song from their debut instead. I do recommend that you give Creep Wit Me a thorough listen as well. It’s fairly decent.

Creep Wit Me


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