FIFTY FIFTY – The Beginning: Cupid Review

FIFTY FIFTY The Beginning Cupid Cover

Release Date: February 24, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Cupid
  2. Cupid (Twin Ver.)
  3. Cupid (Instrumental)


FIFTY FIFTY is a four-member girl group who are under the ATTRAKT label. Their membership consists of the following:

  • Keena (Main Rapper, Sub-Vocalist)
  • Saena (Leader, Main Dancer, Sub-Rapper)
  • Sio (Main Vocalist, Lead Dancer)
  • Aran (Lead Vocalist, Lead Rapper, Maknae)

They debuted at the end of 2022 with their EP, The Fifty. That album was a pleasant surprise and showed that this was a group to watch in the future.

In February 2023, they dropped their first single, The Beginning: Cupid and its title track, Cupid. Cupid is reminiscent of the R&B/Pop sound of the tracks Tell Me and Higherfrom their debut EP.

Other comparables would be Taeyeon’s Weekend or Doja Cat’s Kiss Me More. So if that kind of song is your thing, you should have no problems getting into Cupid.

Cupid comes in two flavours on this single: the original Korean-language version and the Twin version, sung entirely in English. The Twin version doesn’t have the key change or a rap and is performed by only two members. (Aran and Sio)

But other than that, no other significant differences can be found between the two versions. So what you rock will depend on personal preference.

This is a very catchy and sweet song, and it’s easy to give it a thumbs up and a recommendation if you’re looking for something groovy to listen to.

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