Taeyeon – INVU (Selective Hearing Remix)

Taeyeon INVU Album Cover

Release Date: February 14, 2022
Key: B Minor
BPM: 107

INVU is the title track from Taeyeon’s third studio album of the same name. The original version is a mid-tempo EDM/Pop song about unrequited love. Style-wise, this is quite different from the type of music she is known to perform as a soloist.

Since the song is very close to the type of music I produce, I figured this would be something I could work with. So rather than stick with the pop feel of the original, I went with something that emphasized the melancholy feeling of the lyrics.

So that meant a slower-paced rhythm section accompanied by subtle, effect-heavy pads, leads, a soft piano, and acoustic guitar. The biggest change I made was during the second half of the chorus, where I changed the bass line pattern and melody.

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