The Spellbound Release New Outro Theme for TV Anime Golden Kamuy


Ex-Boom Boom Satellites member Masayuki Nakano contributed to anime themes such as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Appleseed, and more.


Japanese rock band THE SPELLBOUND’s new single, “SUBETE GA SOKO NI ARIMASU YOU NI。” – the ending song for season four of the TV anime Golden Kamuy – is available on streaming and download platforms worldwide.

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THE SPELLBOUND commented on the complex personal meaning of the song:

A fleeting moment of warmth or connection may comfort someone for the rest of their lives. My single wound or pain may be the sole bond which lets us recognize each other. Karma, destiny, and the endless threads of fate intertwine complexly in this world. Like chess pawns, we are moved about by a great and unseen force, wandering in search of joy and meaning in our lives.

In the world of Golden Kamuy, we created the music with a prayer for the multitude of lives which passed through destiny many times faster than we do.

Formed in 2021 by Masayuki Nakano of BOOM BOOM SATELLITES and Yusuke Kobayashi of THE NOVEMBERS, THE SPELLBOUND has performed at major rock festivals in Japan, including FUJI ROCK FESTIVAL and SONICMANIA.

“SUBETE GA SOKO NI ARIMASU YOU NI。” is THE SPELLBOUND’s first anime theme song, following several musical contributions by BOOM BOOM SATELLITES for anime programs such as Mobile Suit Gundam Unicorn, Appleseed, Ninja Slayer From Animation, and Xam’d: Lost Memories. In addition, the band released their self-titled first album in February this year, including the single “Hajimari.”

The fourth season of Golden Kamuy premieres October 3 on Prime Video in Japan and video services worldwide.

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