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2& (read as Double And) is a Japanese idol act consisting of singer-songwriter Saki. Formed in December 2011 with two members, Saya and Saki, the project underwent its change from a duo unit to solo act when Saya left the group in September 2013, allowing Saki to redefine the meaning of the group to stand for “Saki and You”. As an idol, Saki has also been an active member of the group Guso Drop where she served as centre from 2014 until her graduation in 2016.

A self-produced performer, Saki is a memorable act with a big impact thanks to her high-energy and powerful lives, where she fuses the sound of Idol with rock and pop music. And despite being an indie idol, Saki is now creating a name for herself in the UK thanks to the recent Black Winds Over Albion Tour featuring NECRONOMIDOL. Despite being such a small idol in a big, ever-changing industry, Saki is standing out in the crowd and making a statement with her music and her presence.

Selective Hearing had the opportunity to talk with 2& once the UK tour closed about her music, Saki herself and the things she enjoyed about the UK during her travels through Manchester, Birmingham and London.

Thank you for joining us. For those who do not know you, please introduce yourself!

Saki: Thank you for letting me introduce myself. I’m Saki from Double And or 2& for short. 2& is me and you!

Please tell me something about yourself.

Saki: I’m 148 centimeters tall! I like gymnastics, rabbits and everything sweet!

You sang a lot of wonderful songs during the UK live tour. Do you have a certain music style?

Saki: Thank you! With the release of my first album Live Idol Artist, Double And is a fusion of Idol and popular rock/pop music. I’ve recently started playing acoustic guitar.

Your live performance is wonderful, I was really impressed. How do you create memorable performance for your fans?

Saki: I was really excited to perform overseas! I enjoy incorporating gymnastics into my performance.

Now that the UK tour has ended, how do you feel?

Saki: Thank you to NECRONOMIDOL for inviting me on the UK leg of their tour. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from everyone involved in organizing the tour.

What do you think was the most surprising thing you experienced from your trip to the UK?

Saki: I was surprised to see so many animals! I saw lots of ducks and dogs!

And what was your impression of the British fans?

Saki: Even though many hadn’t heard of 2& before, I was impressed by everyone’s energy during the performance!

Did you create a favourite memory from your trip here?

Saki: I went sightseeing on the first day. I was excited to see famous sightseeing spots like Buckingham Palace. I’m disappointed that Big Ben was under construction!

Because you love candy, I would like to ask this: Did you ever find a favourite UK sweet?

Saki: I ate lots of delicious food while I was in the UK. I really liked the breakfast cereal! There’s lots of food I liked that you can’t buy in Japan.

You traveled a little during your stay in England, but do you have a favourite place? Manchester, Birmingham or London?

Saki: I’m so happy I could see so much of the UK during the tour! I had a lot of fun taking pictures and talking to many different people in English!

Would you like to return to the UK for another performance in the future?

Saki: I’d love to come to the UK again soon! I have to see Big Ben when it’s not under construction!

Finally, please leave a message for your fans and the readers!

Saki: Thank you for all your support! I’ll do my best to study English so please come and see me in Japan until I can meet you all again!

Thank you for your time with Selective Hearing, Saki! Please come back to England soon!


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