Red Velvet – #Cookie Jar Review

Red Velvet #CookieJar RE

Release Date: July 4, 2018

Track Listing

  1. #Cookie Jar
  2. Aitai-tai
  3. ‘Cause it’s you
  4. Dumb Dumb
  5. Russian Roulette
  6. Red Flavor


#Cookie Jar is Red Velvet’s debut Japanese release. This mini-album features the title track and the Japanese versions of Russian Roulette, Dumb Dumb and Red Flavor.

The 6 tracks on this album encompass Red Velvet’s up-tempo brand of pop music. So, in a way they feel like successors to KARA pumping out pleasant ear candy in rapid succession. Thankfully there is some variety between each one so it’s not like you are hearing the same song over and over again.

#Cookie Jar is the by far the stand out song on this mini-album with its infectious funk groove. If that is not your thing you can also check out Aitai-tai. It is probably the closest to a mainstream J-Pop song you are going to find on this album.

Besides remakes making up the majority of the remaining tracks the only other downside here is that there is only one slow song present. (‘Cause it’s you) The softer side of Red Velvet has produced some great moments and it is somewhat disappointing that it is not equally represented. Yet, you should still give ‘Cause it’s you a good listen if you are in the mood for a sweet and soothing ballad.

In the end this is a fairly good entry into the Japanese market for Red Velvet. Hopefully their future Japanese releases will start to showcase more of their capabilities.

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