WJSN THE BLACK – Easy (Selective Hearing Remix Remastered)

WJSN THE BLACK My Attitude Cover

Release Date: May 12, 2021
Key: Ab Minor
BPM: 112

Easy is a funky urban pop song released by the WJSN subunit WJSN THE BLACK in 2021. It is one of the gateway tracks that inspired me to dive deep into WJSN’s discography.

I took a shot at remixing this song three years ago during its initial release, giving it a laid-back feel with small touches of a funky groove inspired by the original version.

Sadly the vocal rip I had at the time was utter shit, so it pretty much ruined the entire thing when I had it enabled in the final mix. I still released it on YouTube but took it offline a few months later. I liked the instrumental I created, but my skill level and the technology to develop stems were a few years behind my ambitions.

Fast-forward to the present day. Music technology has advanced where DAWs like Logic can extract a decent-sounding vocal from a fully mixed song. And after three years of practice, I can efficiently complete a final mixdown of a cohesive song.

So, I improved my remix from three years ago, adding a much better-sounding vocal rip, making minor instrument and arrangement changes, and remastering the entire thing afterward. I’m much happier with this version of the mix.


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