Kim Doah – Dream Walking Review

Kim Doah Dream Walking Cover

Release Date: May 23, 2023

Track Listing

  1. Dream Walking
  2. Dream Walking (Instrumental)


In 2018 a new girl group from FENT called FANATICS first hit the scene with their sub-unit FLAVOR and the song Milkshake. A year later, they debuted as a six-member group with the EP The Six. They showed promise with their title track, Sunday, and their future was looking bright.

Fate had other plans for FANATICS as they would have sporadic lacklustre releases and membership changes in the subsequent three years after their debut. Much of their time as a group was spent spinning their wheels endlessly and going nowhere music-wise.

One of the members of this unfortunate group is Kim Doah, who is known to many through her participation in the idol survival programs Produce 48 and Girls Planet 999.

After failing to make it into the group that would eventually become Kep1er, she ultimately ended up leaving FENT, removing all references to the company on her social media in October 2022.

Six months later, we have her solo debut with the digital single Dream Walking. Depending on how long you have been following the saga of FANATICS or Doah, your opinion could be that this is long overdue.

Dream Walking is a short but sweet dance-pop track that allows Doah to put her idol charms on full display. Sure, it’s not reinventing the wheel or is incredibly innovative musically.

But it is what fans of FANATICS and Doah, who have had an infinite case of blue balls, have been waiting for. A catchy song they can play on repeat to finally give them that sweet release.

Dream Walking is a solid start to Kim Doah’s journey as a solo artist. Hopefully, it will lead to more consistent opportunities for her to release music in the future.

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