SCANDAL – Take Me Out Review


Release Date: July 27, 2016

Track Listing

Limited Edition A

  1. Take Me Out
  2. Sekapero
  3. Take Me Out (Instrumental)

Limited Edition B

  1. Take Me Out
  2. Dobondobondo Dungeon
  3. Take Me Out (Instrumental)

Regular Edition

  1. Take Me Out
  2. Sekapero
  3. Dobondobondo Dungeon
  4. I want you
  5. Take Me Out (Instrumental)


Take Me Out is SCANDAL’s 23rd single release that takes a cue from American and European alternative/indie Rock music with its strange off-kilter sounds, quick staccato rhythms and vocal phrasing. There’s also a fair bit of funk thrown in for good measure. Yes, this is a continuation of their self-produced musical experiments from the YELLOW album, so If those tracks are not your cup of tea, then you probably won’t enjoy this single either.

However, you can always hit up the b-sides starting with I want you. Written, composed and sung by the group’s drummer Rina. What is immediately noticeable is this song is probably the purest pop of anything else previously done by SCANDAL.

It incorporates bits of 80’s synth-pop and dance music in a pleasing package. Just a warning, Rina has a fairly cutesy and squeaky singing voice. I find that endearing personally. So if you like sugary sweet bubblegum pop, you should also get a kick out of this song.

On the other end of the spectrum is the combination of Donbondobondo, the Hip-Hop project consisting of Mami and Tomomi. They get 2 songs on which they wax their brand of poetic. Sekapero is a song that does not take itself seriously at all, and it sounds like it also belongs in the 80s. To be honest, the beat makes it more appropriate for an early-era Rhymberry single than anything. That might offend some SCANDAL fans, but you should take that as a compliment.

Dobondobondo Dungeon, on the other hand, is the pair’s attempt at sounding “hard”. For what it’s worth, the beat is pretty hot and is more New York-style Hip-Hop than anything else. Neither Mami nor Tomomi will be dropping heat and destroying MCs in rap battles, but they can hold their own when it comes to dropping their verses.

Overall this single package is a blend of different kinds of music that may alienate those who prefer SCANDAL when they are on the train of “rocking out.” Those more open to the band’s current incarnation will probably like this more.


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