m-flo – the tripod e.p. 2 Review

Release Date: March 7, 2018

Track Listing

  1. No Question
  2. never
  4. prism (Canblaster Synth Harp Remix)
  5. No Question – Instrumental –
  6. never – Instrumental –
  7. MAKE IT BREAK IT – Instrumental –
  8. No Question – Acapaella –
  9. never – Acapella –
  10. MAKE IT BREAK IT – Acapella
  11. prism – Acapella –


On December 14, 2017 it was revealed on m-flo’s official Twitter account the original 3-member lineup has reunited after 15 years. For long time m-flo (and even maybe Japanese music fans in general) it felt like the original incarnation of the group would never be seen again as a cohesive unit releasing music together. Yet here they are with the sequel to their 1999 major label debut aptly named the tripod e.p.2. This release features 3 new songs and a new remix of their 2001 single prism.

When you listen to the songs on the tripod e.p.2 it feels like the reunited m-flo are picking up where they left off. Obviously, that is good news as a 15-year layoff (with some random one-off collaborations) may have resulted in some sub-par material that would have made this reunion moot.

On this E.P. you should not expect a series of throwback tracks nor are you going to get the full EDM assault that has dominated the last three m-flo albums. What you should expect from the two uptempo songs is a blend of what made the original m-flo so appealing with a toned down version of the sound that Taku Takahashi has been producing since the Square One album.

For those who crave the old school there are cleverly placed samples from the past to pop your nostalgic memories. This integration is best exemplified in the opening track No Question.

never on the other hand follows their tradition of creating quality ballads that are emotive but not overproduced. It is the featured song on this single and is also the theme song for the Iwata Takanori film Kyonen no Fuyu, Kimi to Wakare.

Whether this reunion is a welcome one to you will really depend on how long you have been listening to Japanese music or if you have actually expanded your library past whatever it was that got you into the genre in the first place.

It is probably fair to say that there are many who are celebrating the return of one of the longest tenured groups in current Japanese music. Hopefully this E.P. is only the beginning and there will be much more to come from m-flo as the original 3 in the future.

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