2NE1 – Come Back Home (Selective Hearing Remix)

2NE1 Crush Album Cover

Release Date: February 26, 2014
Key: C Minor
BPM: 75

Come Back Home is a single from 2NE1’s second studio album, Crush. It’s a song about asking for a lost love to return. The song’s video conveys this idea by showing the loss of a loved one to a virtual reality addiction.

This remix was not my first choice to take on from 2NE1. I had intended to try my hand at Clap Your Hands from their self-titled first full-length album. However, I could not create something I was happy with, so I scrapped the project.

Rather than put all that hard work in drum programming to waste, I decided to port that part over the project for Come Back Home. I didn’t want to mess with this song too much since I felt it would lose its emotional impact if changed too much.

Thankfully, when I slowed down the beat I had already programmed, it fit perfectly with Come Back Home’s vocals. After that, it was simply finding the right sounds for all the melodic elements to keep the song’s mood in the same lane as the original.

The final result retains the feelings expressed by the lyrics while establishing a different type of groove musically.

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