March 2018 House Mix

Homer Simpson Praise Jebus

This month’s mix features tracks from Ralphi Rosario, Weasel Disco, Backup Plan, Q Narongwate, Damon Reel and Masters At Work.

G’s House Sessions March 2018
Running Time: 0:58:00

Track Listing

  1. Ralphi Rosario feat. Donna Blakely – Cold (David Morales NYC Club Remix)
  2. Milty Evans & Brian Boncher – Don’t Waste My Heart (Original Mix)
  3. Weasel Disco – What A Difference (Original Mix)
  4. Michele Chiavarini feat. Tai Malone – When Will I Learn (Main Mix)
  5. Backup Plan – Holdin’ On (Original Mix)
  6. Mr Brian Power feat. Rebecca Scales – Have You Ever (Vocal)
  7. Q Narongwate & Miwa – If I Let This Go (Fuminori Kagajo Remix)
  8. Damon Reel – Someone To Love Me (Darryl James Altra Vocal Mix)
  9. Teddy Douglas feat. Marcell Russell – Only A Fool (Kenny Carpenter Heart & Soul Remix Vocal)
  10. Masters At Work feat. India – Backfired (Joey Negro Club Mix)


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