Release Date: January 17th, 2018

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NECRONOMIDOL return with a desire to haunt your dreams in their latest release, a catchy and eerily cute single by the name of STRANGE AEONS. In the groups ninth title overall, prepare to fall into a pit of the weird yet wonderful, and experience a creepy yet delightfully sweet sound that is undeniably addictive.

In a strange twist, STRANGE AEONS opens with an almost commercial sound that will appeal to a wide variety of listeners. Energetic and fun, this track holds an especially entertaining chorus with a bouncy tune that probably sounds – and feels – incredible in a live setting. Of course, commercial does not necessarily mean bad, because STRANGE AEONS is wonderfully addictive in sound thanks to its plethora of energy. Plus, this song brings out that endearing side of NECRONOMIDOL’s music. If anything, this will be a pretty good gateway track into the world of NECRONOMIDOL for newer fans.

Followed by a creaking door and brush of the wind, WITCHING HOUR is the ideal horror track that befits the look of NECRONOMIDOL most on this release. The song comes to life the moment it begins, favouring a haunting instrumental mixed with the charming yet oddly calm vocals of each member. Yet it is when the members sing together that captures the listeners; the layered vocals are beautiful, the rising instrumental complimenting the singing style well. It is subtly creepy, and WITCHING HOUR allows for us to appreciate both the power of the song, as well as the strength of NECRONOMIDOL’s vocals.

Then comes DIRGE OF BALDR, exclusive to the DIRGE version of this release. Though a little less impressive than the previous tracks, there is a great deal of enjoyment to be had from it. NECRONOMIDOL’s vocals are, once again, divine here, and it sounds like the members had a lot of fun singing it. There was a lot of passion put into this track, in both the vocals and the instrumental. The break is especially enchanting, featuring a lengthy guitar and drum duo that drifts effortlessly from its heavy tone to a serene piano melody, before driving into the bridge that is an energetic delight on the members’ behalf.

Ending the single is BLOODWINGS, available to the PAEAN variant of the release. Favouring a fun, almost light-hearted sound, BLOODWINGS ends the single on a high with its catchy, bubbly tune that would fit well in a live (and club) setting. This one might be considered a tad weaker amongst the other tracks, however, it shows off NECRONOMIDOL’s vocals beautifully once again. The members are delightful, displaying their passion and glee as if they are relishing in the lyrics, which in turn brings out the best in this song. It’s a blast, much like the rest of the single, and well worth a listen.

All in all, this is a great set of songs, and it’s a lot of fun. The variety allows for it to appeal to all types of listeners, with STRANGE AEONS and potentially BLOODWINGS fitting a more commercial or accessible sound for the casual fan, whilst WITCHING HOUR and DIRGE OF BALDR are sure to please long-term followers of the group. Regardless of whether a track is generic or not, though, this is a promising release, one that implements a variety of sounds and styles, all of which are appealing and easy to listen to. For newer fans, this might just be the gateway into darkness that they need, and for older fans, this will be yet another enjoyable release from NECRONOMIDOL.

It’s great, and it’s definitely worth its 17 or so minutes runtime.

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