Masuda Yuka – Aishitetano Review

Masuda Yuka Aishetetano CD Cover

Release Date: April 26, 2017

Track Listing

  1. Aishetetano
  2. Daiagnaru
  3. Sanzan ~Yuka Solo~
  4. Aishitetano (Instrumental)
  5. Daiagonaru (Instrumental)
  6. Sanzan ~Yuka Solo~ (Instrumental)


Masuda Yuka is a name familiar to J-Pop fans because of her time in AKB48. After graduating from the group due to less than favorable circumstances in 2012 she carved out a career as an actress and variety show talent. 2017 marks her return to music on the AVEX label with this single, Aishetetano. Japanese Hip-Hop artist KREVA produced all three songs with Masuda taking writing credit for all the lyrics.

Some may consider 2010’s Stargazer as Masuda Yuka’s debut single but apparently this release is her coming out party. If you are one who appreciates the Hip-Pop crossover style of music this single might be something you can get into. The two slower paced songs (Aishitetano and Sanzan -Yuka Solo-) are excellent examples of her branching out beyond the type of music she performed in the past.

For a debut single this is a rather strong statement in regards to what type of artist Masuda Yuka intends to be. Of course this won’t please everyone, especially those who accustomed to hearing her over the typical up tempo AVEX dance pop or AKB style idol pop.

But if you are open to hearing Masuda change things up and/or missed her doing music on a full-time basis this will be a very welcome return.

Aishitetano (CD Only)

Aishitetano (CD+DVD)

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