NMIXX – COOL (Your Rainbow) [Selective Hearing Remix]


Release Date: September 19, 2022
Key: Ab Major
BPM: 149

Cool (Your Rainbow) is the b-side on NMIXX’s second single, ENTWURF. Unlike their previous songs, this one does not follow their formula of mixing various pop music styles within two to three minutes. Instead, it’s the most “normal” song they have done.

The original is a mid-tempo pop song with classical and operatic music elements sprinkled throughout. It allows each of the members of NMIXX to clearly show off their vocal talents, which hasn’t been the case for all of them with their uptempo material.

I like NMIXX as performers, but their songs haven’t resonated with me except for this one. As I stated above, this isn’t a bunch of different kinds of songs crammed into one, so it’s much easier for me to absorb as a listener. Who knew they could hold down a simple piece like this?

Since there are no extreme tempo changes to worry about, it’s much easier to work with than their typical songs. Given the mood and lyrical content, going full speed at 149 BPM felt inappropriate. Instead, I decided to give the song a bit of R&B/Pop feel while keeping some of the light classical music touches intact.

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