Miryo – MIRYO a.k.a. JOHONEY Review

Miryo aka JOHONEY Album Cover

Release Date: February 2, 2012

Track Listing

  1. Party Rock (feat. Garie Of Leessang & THE KOXX)
  2. Dirty
  3. I Love You I Love You (feat. Sunny of SNSD)
  4. Revenger (Feat. Rude Paper)
  5. Leggo (Feat. Narsha)


Miryo follows fellow Brown Eyed Girls members Ga-In & Narsha into the world of solo work with her album MIRYO a.k.a. JOHONEY. Being one of the few real MCs (meaning not defaulted to the role like many other women in K-Pop groups) out there this has been long anticipated among fans of BEG and perhaps K-Pop in general.

Her group mates set the bar pretty damn high with their solo efforts, so one has to wonder if Miryo can continue the success of these BEG side projects. The answer is a very emphatic YES.

The lead single Dirty, is only a teaser of what to expect on this album. And yes, it sounds a hell of a lot like a 2NE1 song. I’m unsure if that’s intentional or if things ended that way. I don’t necessarily find that to be a bad thing.

Every song after Dirty is a collaboration with someone from the world of Korean Hip-Hop or K-Pop. They’re all fine pieces, with the one ballad (I Love You I Love You) featuring Sunny from SNSD and the Pop/Dance of Leggo (featuring fellow BEG member Narsha) standing out. But I think the best of the collaborations is the Dubstep-influenced Revenger featuring Rude Paper.

It’s one of those all-up-in-your-grill songs meant to kill your speakers, headphones and your hearing with its goodness. There aren’t many who can even attempt to spit over a song as this, and Miryo does it so skillfully. I’m not a big fan of Dubstep, but stuff like this may change my mind.

This is another fine outing from the BEG camp. It’s a shame that it’s so damn short. Miryo deserves a full-length instead of just an EP. Hopefully, that comes sooner than later.

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