NewJeans – Cool With You (Selective Hearing’s Club Mix)

NewJeans Super Shy Cover

Release Date: July 21, 2023
Key: F Minor
BPM: 135

Cool With You is a song from NewJeans’ second EP Get Up. It’s embedded deeply in the Garage sub-genre of House music, specifically the U.K. variant.

I immediately had two ideas for a remix when I heard this song. The first was to stick close to the original genre and add my twist to spice the track up. The second idea was to turn Cool With You into an R&B track. I executed that first as it would be the more challenging of the two projects.

This remix implements the first idea, which was easier to complete. Rather than switch between U.K. Garage for the verses and Four on the Floor for the chorus as in the original, I kept everything squarely within the Four on the Floor groove.

The result is not as chill as the original and takes the song and instead has a more upbeat feel thanks to the constant pounding of the kick drum and the quick, shuffling patterns of the hi-hats and shaker. So this is more of a dancefloor-oriented version compared to the slow jam I released earlier.


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